25 Toddler Snacks For A Plane: The best & worst!

Toddler Snacks For a Plane

Depending on how far you’re flying, you could be confined in a small space with your toddler(s) for an extended period of time.

This means airplane snacks must be involved. And in my case lots of snacks… and other things to keep curious minds occupied. 

Most airplanes don’t give complimentary snacks anymore, so to avoid draining the bank, you’ll want to bring your own airplane snacks on board.

Today, I’m going to tell you a few of my favorite toddler snacks for a plane to make the flight as smooth as possible (for you, and everyone else on the flight!).

25 Toddler Snacks For A Plane

1. Packs of nut butter

Packs of nut butter are easy and convenient airplane snacks. If you have crackers or pretzels, your toddler can easily dip them in the pack and toss them once they’re done.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, in rare cases, if someone had a severe peanut allergy on the plane you may not be allowed to eat anything containing nuts, so be sure to pack other options in case! 

2. Whole grain cheese crackers

Cheese crackers are a great option because they’re tasty and easy to eat for children of all ages, Plus, they sell different sizes of individual packs that are easy to pack.

3. Pretzels

Pretzels are an easy, on-the-go snack that your little one can dip in nut butter or snack on to keep them occupied throughout your trip. 

Toddler Snacks On a Plane

4. Baby carrots and hummus

We like to get the pre-packaged kind, but you can also DIY, too! Pretty much any veggie pairs great with hummus. If you’re wanting to find the best vegetables for picky eaters, I have a post about that too :)!

5. Beef jerky

OK, this one may be for the big kids on the plane too. Beef or Turkey jerky is one of my favorite airplane snacks because it’s low-calorie, super filling, and tastes fantastic. 

6. Cookies

As a sweet treat, you can buy pre-packaged chips ahoy or mini Oreos! OK, this one isn’t going to win an award for the healthiest toddler airplane snack. BUT, it might do just the trick if your toddler is throwing a tantrum and you need a quick fix. You can also make your own if you prefer to be in control of the ingredients! 

7. Dried fruit

Dried fruit or trail mix makes for a nutrient-dense, portable snack that your toddler can easily enjoy. Just make sure it doesn’t have chocolate in it because you don’t know if it will end up melting, and you definitely don’t want that big ol’ mess.

8. Fruit cups

Fruit cups that don’t have to be kept refrigerated are excellent for road trip snacks. Think mandarin oranges or pears. However, they may be better for a little bit older kids unless you have an area to drain them.

apple slices

9. Apple Slices

This is one of our go-to snacks for travel. You can buy pre-cut packages of apple slices ( like the ones Mc Donald’s has in their happy meals). This avoids them turning brown. Or, you could do it yourself and squeeze a little lemon juice on them. 

10. Grapes

Grapes are a convenient, juicy snack that makes for a great treat for your toddler. Plus, they don’t have to be kept cold unlike a lot of fruit. However, for kids under four, they should be cut up properly. They should always be cut lengthwise to allow for easier passage down their digestive tract. For younger toddlers. you may want to cut them again into quarters.

11. String cheese

String cheese is a great option if you aren’t having a super long flight because it does need to be kept cold. 

12. Applesauce pouches

Squeezable applesauce is super easy to eat and makes for one of the best plane snacks . My oldest isn’t a huge fan, but my toddler really enjoys snacking on them. For the most part, they’re mess-free with no utensils required.

13. Whole grain muffins

Bake muffins the night before. You can even have your kiddos help you if you’re feeling brave (ha!). We love to make these healthy toddler-friendly mini muffins!

14. Homemade protein bars

Homemade protein bars are one of my kiddos favorite snacks. They know when I make them, it’s time to travel! I find that having certain “travel snacks” gets them more excited to snack on them during trips. 

15. Trailmix

Homemade trail mix is easy to make and is a great toddler snack for a plane. Simply combine cheerios, yogurt melts, dried fruit, and slithered almonds!

Nutri grain bar

16. Nutri Grain bars

Nutri Grain bars are one of my favorite airplane snacks because they are cheap and come in single-serve bars. They also don’t make as big of a mess as some other snack bars on the market.

17. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Oh, the classic PB&J! This is a filling option for toddlers and kids. The peanut butter really promotes satiety and gives a sweet, satisfying taste. If you have a toddler who loves to make messes like mine, you may want to go easy on the jelly.

18. Yogurt covered raisins or cranberries

I like that these come in small boxes that don’t really take up space. It’s perfect for tiny fingers to reach in and snack on. 

19. Goldfish

Goldfish are super easy on the go and are a classic toddler snack. You can buy them individually packaged or package them yourself in a ziplock bag.

20. Larabars

One of our favorites, Larabars are super easy and convenient snacks for children of all ages. 

21. Fig bars

Fig bars are another great option because they sell them individually packaged. Or, to save money, you can buy a bigger pack and individually portion then yourself.

22. Cheerios or any dried cereal

Dried cereal is a staple snack in our house. It’s so easy to portion and pack into tiny snack bags and so affordable, too making it one of my favorite airplane snacks!

Fruit gummies

23. Fruit gummies

Fruit snacks (gummies) can satisfy your toddler’s sweet tooth without melting super easily or making a mess. We always have fruit snacks on our emergency backup snack list for any road trip or flight!

24. Suckers or Chewy Sacks

Having something to chew on or suck on can help your little one get through the parts of the flight when the pressure changes. 

25. Granola bars

Granola bars make for great airplane snacks and you can’t really go wrong with them for your toddlers or older children. They are ideal to hold your little one over until their next meal. (They’re one of my favorites too! LOL)

What Makes For The Best Toddler Snacks For a Plane

Little to no mess

You don’t want anything your airplane snacks having too much juice (juicy fruits, candy that is quick to melt, chocolate, crumbly cakes, etc)

To avoid having to clean during the entire fight, opt for mess-free snacks and foods for toddlers on a plane. 

I would also avoid tiny foods that are each individually packaged like hard candies, starburst, or mamba fruit chews. This can leave wrappers all over the place and make a mess!

Lastly, chips with a lot of cheese like Cheetos or Doritos can leave a mess on tiny fingers that can get on the seats. Plus, it usually takes a few wet wipes to get off.

Can go without refrigeration

Be sure your snacks can go without refrigeration. I feel like somehow our trips always end up taking way longer than we anticipated. Keeping something cold on a plane is super difficult. For younger toddlers and babies, baby food pouches are also a great option as it doesn’t require refrigeration and is nutritous.


Thankfully, there aren’t any major rules governing the quantities and types of airplane snacks you can bring on a plane.

This helps because, when a tantrum strikes, sometimes giving them a snack is one of the only things that work to settle them down. By choosing healthy-ish, mess-free snacks that will hold your little one over to their next meal, it will make for a better flight for all of you!

And, keep in mind, these toddler snacks or a plane can be packed for road trip snacks, train snacks, or fit just about any occasion where toddler-friendly snacks are needed!

Safe travels!

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