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    About Me

Lindsey DeSoto, RDN, LD, BBA

I’m a registered dietitian with over three years of experience in clinical nutrition. I’ve worked in the ICU, pediatric, surgical, and cardiac floors.

I’m also slightly a hot mess. I can usually be found at home with a huge t-shirt and no makeup frantically chasing my two boys around ( there may or may not be some profanity involved).  

Good news for you is… I’ll never judge!  

Anyway, I totally know the struggles we face as parents. It can be downright hard to juggle healthy-ish meals, extracurricular activities, and work into your daily routine.

I’m far from perfect. I mess up all of the time when it comes to parenting (and probably blogging, too!). 

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other mommas out there. But the thing I love the most is connecting with other mommas and letting them know its okay not to have everything perfect. Our kiddos love us no matter what and, lets be honest, if they got cereal or a frozen meal for dinner one night (or a few!)… its perfectly fine. Life is about balance.

We’re in this together!

Thanks for stoppin’ by.!!


About me and my family
Fun fact: This lovely picture right here was captured after three melt downs.
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